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Our Exclusive SEO

Our SEO package is completely unique and no one will be able to give you the same quality results. We use our close relationships with the top publishers in a certain geographic area to generate links that rank your site higher as a result.

We're focused on results over profit!

When you work with us, you don’t have to worry about a high-volume SEO Approach that puts marketers on a conveyor belt. We only take on a limited number of clients at one time, so you can get to know ours without feeling like a business card number. We’ve eliminated the role of account manager’s, which means that you get to deal with and even work together directly with our in-house team of experts and specialists. You can talk to them on Slack, email or chat with them over our Portal.


On Page Optimization

Our team takes advantage of cutting-edge techniques for optimizing your page’s on-page SEO. Along with Agency development resources that ensure your site loads and functions quickly, we offer you a one–stop solution for everything. Next, we implement advanced meta-data, social meta and schema markup to help you get more visibility on the web by ways most companies overlook.


Content Strategy

Your content is important, which is why we have an in-house SEO content strategist to ensure it's structured correctly for maximum exposure and optimizes headings, title tags and ensures the proper keyword density across target pages. We start off with a monthly content writing plan to target long tail keywords.


Backlink Building

While this might sound questionable at first-sight, backlinks are important for your SEO because they help you have a better rank in the SERPs. With our exclusive strategy, VISION stands out from other SEOs in terms of our fulfilled service. Domain Authority is an important ranking metric for any website. By taking advantage of EDU links, we can improve your Domain Authority by tapping into the evergreen value of top-tier Universities.



One hidden, powerful fact that Google doesn’t want you to know is that the average CTR (Click-Through-Rate) of a Google Ad is around 1.95%. So, for every 100 people searching for your money keyword, around 2 of them will click on your Google Ad. Plus, you’ll have to pay a fee each time someone does. The price varies depending on the industry you’re in. By comparison, the #1 spot on page 1 of Google for organic search results receives a 33% click through rate and the traffic is completely free.

SEO Click Through Rate
Search Engine Optimization 71%
PPC Click Through Rate
Pay Per Click 29%

Our passion is your success

We connect advertisers with customers to satisfy their needs by getting them found in search engines (ie the first page of Google) and executing campaigns based on the current trends. We’re a full-package agency specializing in all things internet. Our process includes webpage optimization, design + development changes, speed optimization, ongoing content strategy + production as well as ensuring we work on your behalf to create quality backlinks that will make your site rank higher.


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