Web design is hugely important, but do you know what else is important? Choosing a web design company you can trust, that listens, responds, and is willing to learn about you before they just jump in making promises and wild claims. Learn about Vision Web Designs by contacting us to set up a consultation.

Our web design process takes anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks (think 2 weeks for a smaller site and 8 weeks for a large or fully-custom site).

This includes a prep phase where we get to know your needs, and get the needed copy and images, a research phase where we learn your industry, the first design phase and editing phase, and our testing and launch phase.

SEO is kind of like climbing a mountain, and it can take about as much time.

We recommend at least 6 months with your keywords, and 12 is even better. Let’s say you’re #44 for ‘best digital marketing agency near me’ – do you really think Google, the all-knowing, all-powerful search engine will boost you to that coveted number 1 spot after a week? 3? 6?

No, it will be a gradual climb. You will certainly see jumps right away, and maybe you will even get to that number one spot in 3-6 weeks, but we want consistency, we want to make your site an authority, and we want to get more than just one keyword to that top spot.

How’s that saying go? Ah yes, if it’s easy, it won’t be worth it, and if it’s worth it, it won’t be easy.

This is any form of marketing that lives online – anything from social media ads and Google ads (SEM and PPC) to SEO, blogs, content marketing, email marketing, etc.

Think of the progression of advertising and marketing – it started with word of mouth, then signs, then newspapers, ads, and fliers, then radio, television, and now it’s online (digital).

Content marketing is when you use content creation to help your marketing efforts.
For example, if you create blogs, videos, or social media posts that are meant to be seen and shared, then you are technically working with content marketing.

However, creating content that will ultimately help your digital marketing plan is where it can get tricky. This is why having a content strategy is important and understanding your keywords, semantically related keywords and the voice and mediums your audience prefers.

Yes, absolutely. If you aren’t a natural wordsmith, or if you want the help of a professional, SEO or technical writer, then we can absolutely create copy that speaks to your industry and customers as well as the search engines.

Our content team will research your competition, industry, and utilize our content software tools to find the perfect length, semantically related keywords, linking strategies, and more. Learn more about our SEO, content, and copywriting services here.

Need photos? We can either go mining with our software and tools for relevant images or provide commercial, team, and product photography services for your website, social media, and more.

This is a great (and common) question – and unfortunately, the answer is pretty varied.

Do you want a 3-page site? Then your quote will be considerably less than a 30-page site. Are you working in e-commerce, or do you require specializations, extensive custom-coding, multiple forms, portals, and platforms? Then your quote will be considerably higher than a simple informational site.

The long and the short? A (good) website can cost anywhere from $1,500-$20,000.

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Even if you have a wonderful website, great services, or amazing products, you won’t be successful if no one can find you online.

SEO makes you easier to find (higher on Google’s results page) and therefore more likely to be chosen by your customers. After all, they can’t choose a company that’s buried beneath the thousands of other companies online.

Think of Google as a competition and we are the trainers who will whip your website into shape so that you can win that race and be seen and known by your potential customers.
So, yeah, SEO is pretty important.

The short answer? Often.

First, you don’t want your website to be outdated looking, or have outdated content on it (like Christmas lights in June) and second, you want search engine to see your site isn’t stagnant. This means blogs, GMB (Google My Business) posts, social media posts, content updates at least monthly, etc.

We sure do! We have a team of creative geniuses who can help create your ideal branding, naming, messaging, colors, fonts, and more. Check out our branding services here.


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